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Money Transfer





With SIGUE worldwide network you can send money to family and loved ones all over the world. Our extensive pay partner network, easy processing and competitive rates makes sending money more convenient than ever.


– Safe, secure and redtable operating system – Unique Sigue Transfer Number to track the status of transactions – Competitive fees – Receiver does not pay a fee to collect transfer – FREE message to receiver when sending transfer – Choice of payout currencies available in certain countries


CASH PICK UP You can walk in to any of our agent locations in your neighbourhood and deposit money in your local currency to be sent to a beneficiary in any country in our network. The beneficiary can walk in to any of our agent locations in his or her neighbourhood and pick up the money by quoting the confidential transaction number you provide the beneficiary and by showing proof of identification. Money can be picked up in the local currency or in US dollars.

COURIER DELIVERY This is similar to Cash Pick Up, except that instead of going to an agent location, the cash will be delivered to the beneficiary’s home or work address.


ACCOUNT DEPOSIT In this product, the money transferred will be deposited directly into the beneficiary’s account based on the bank and account number provided at the time of creating the transaction.



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